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… in Boston, New York, New Jersey and all along the East Coast.


… and Congratulations! We are so happy you are here and are fully ready to share the joy with you! Lavinia Paul Events is here to ease your stress and clear the confusion. We are your advocate and your confidante. We go to bat for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing!



Meet Lavinia

Hi There! I’m Lavinia – the owner, founder of Lavinia Paul Weddings and Events. I am a wife, a mother of two, and have been an advocate for brides, and clients alike, in the wedding and events industry for four-plus years now.

My life and career prior to, was in the Energy industry working in and with fortune 500 companies. Having a not only comprehensive, but in-depth knowledge of my industry was not only key to my success in my career but a skillset that I continued to develop by shadowing and freelancing with other respected and phenomenal wedding planners, designers, and full-staff catering houses.

You might ask, why weddings and events? The foremost reason is because of my genuine love for people, for celebrating life, and awesome design. There is more to the story, but simply put, I get tickled to the toes knowing
my brides can look back at their wedding,
feel the excitement, and re-experience
what seemed like a dream, but was their

More About Me

I love a good  beach day with my family, traveling, my husband’s jokes, binge watching “The Profit” on CNBC and “Bargain Mansions” on HGTV

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You can do a quick Google or Pinterest search for “Wedding Planning Checklists” and almost all search results will say that determining your budget and financial contributors are the first to-do’s following your engagement. However, I would beg to differ. I propose that a couple should first determine the vision and experience they truly desire for their event, and to create a wish list!   As a planner, my experience has taught me that clients’ initial budgets are often perceptual …

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