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I am the Owner and Principal Planner of Lavinia Paul Events. We are an award-winning full service planning boutique company that guides busy brides through the wedding planning process. I get to curate magical days for amazing people in love. 

My life and career prior to now, was in the Energy industry working in and with fortune 500 companies. Understanding clients’ motivations and problems was a skillset I honed to best determine the ways I could leverage my services to best meet their needs. As a planner, I now use this as a tool to best understand my couples, and to determine how to best grant their bridal dreams.

When planning weddings and other special events, I often feel as if I am holding a big secret from my clients. Why so? Because they have no idea how amazing their wedding is going to be! It's the experience for me!

Every detail is meticulously considered and planned with the intention to amaze! I aim for tears of joy, hi-fives, jaw-drops, happy dances, and pure expressions of delight.

I love what I do. I have formed life-long bonds with my clients, and I thank them for not only allowing me to do what I love, but for trusting me with their life celebrations.  

It's the experience for me!


WHEN WE’RE NOT planning weddings you can FIND me

loving on

my family

I am a wife to my life partner and best friend, a blessed mother to two delightful and entertaining little ones. When I'm not planning weddings, you can find me doing my very best to be present with the ones I most love. 

I recently celebrated my 10-year vow renewal during the height of the pandemic. I have experienced planning a wedding twice from the perspective of a bride. As a planner, I have a profound sense of empathy and renewed sense of advocacy for my clients who are looking for a way to enjoy the process of planning without the stress and worry.


You might ask, why weddings and events?

i love people

The foremost reason is my genuine love for people, for celebrating life, and awesome design. I truly enjoy showcasing our clients' meaningful moments in the celebrations I am fortunate to create. 

My greatest passion is to help people strive to be the best version of themselves, and as a planner, I am fortunate to help champion the visions people have for themselves during the most special moments of their life. 

and I love life...

and that is all the reason to celebrate!


how did you get your start as a wedding planner?

You should put time into learning your craft....

This craft chose me. Being my mother's child, I gravitated towards the art of hospitality. And as a result, I was always tuned to a room. Always observing. How was the ambience created? How did it make people feel? How was the service? What was the wow factor? I naturally became a go-to person for party and wedding planning advice.

When I realized that wedding planning went far beyond pretty flowers, and tapped into my purpose of championing people. I quickly found myself shadowing and freelancing with other respected and phenomenal wedding planners, designers, and full-staff catering houses to truly hone this craft.


what advice would you give a newly engaged bride-to-be?

my top 3

1. Everyone's advice isn't for you! Many brides become overwhelmed as a result of everyone's opinions. It's best to hire a planner, or if budget doesn't permit, ask professional vendors for their advice. They will have years of experience to reference and to properly advise you.

2. Know your why? By knowing your why you'll know how flexible is your vision, and will be able to plan your special day with intention.

3. Curate a team! Never hire vendors just to have it crossed-off your checklist. Don't be afraid of your vision. Get a team that will be loyal to it, will know how to advise you, and know how to execute!


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