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This 2020, Go for as much as you want!

You can do a quick Google or Pinterest search for “Wedding Planning Checklists” and almost all search results will say that determining your budget and financial contributors are the first to-do’s following your engagement. However, I would beg to differ. I propose that a couple should first determine the vision and experience they truly desire for their event, and to create a wish list!  

As a planner, my experience has taught me that clients’ initial budgets are often perceptual and uninformed. At Lavinia Paul Events, our connection sessions are designed to get to know our clients, but also, to map out a vision for their day. We most definitely get into the budget, but by knowing our clients desires, we are able to construct a budget that prioritizes their wish list and uncovers the possibilities of their day. By doing this, we are able to fully understand the entire mood and vibe our clients desire, determine the best course of action, and know the prerequisites for each vendor. By knowing your vision, the budget discussion is more informed.

So let’s say you want a ballroom wedding dripped in crystals, my version of bling, for 300 people? Your budget will let us know whether you’re able to build a ballroom environment from scratch, contract a venue with a ballroom full of gorgeous chandeliers, or create a centerpiece design full of crystal option candelabras. Whatever the case, your vision is on track to becoming magical.

So what came before? The budget or the wish list? Well, I would propose, when going into a budget discussion with financial contributors, lead-in with your wish list, and it may free up some more cash for a glamorous, sophisticated, and chic affair!


The Guide

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